Today is officially two months since my boyfriend deployed! I’ll be really cliche and say that time has both gone by so quickly and dragged on at the same time. Like I’m surprised, “Wow two months already!” And disappointed, “Just two months.” Since he left. Working two jobs definitely has helped pass the time.

My nanny kids are both taking swim “lessons”. I put lessons in quotation marks since the baby is 2 years old and it’s a parent&me class [in which I stand in as the parent] and more of a glorified splash session than learning to stay afloat or propel themselves in the water. It’s pretty adorable. And reminds me how much I love swimming and how bummed I am that I don’t have access to a pool! Ooh well.

In the two months that my boyfriend’s been deployed I’ve develop a deep aversion to seeing other couples being affectionate in public. I officially miss having sex, now. I’m not necessarily horny, it’s more I miss being touched and hugged and petted and kissed. Other than that and not having any control of how often we get to talk to each other, it’s not so bad. 

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way up to LA to meet up with one of my best friends, Jasmine for the Blondie/Garbage concert at the Hollywood Bowl! So excite! I’ll try to remember to take pictures. I’m on the table now to get my legs waxed, then off to a friend’s pool party and work this evening. 

Enjoy your weekends!


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