I started hostessing extremely recently, in mid-March. I was leaving my nanny family in Chula Vista and was starting my search for a new second job. I searched Care.com to find another potential family I could work with two days out of the week. I also looked on craigslist for restaurant/hospitality jobs since working the weekends would open up my potential to make more money and with my boyfriend deploying, working weekends wouldn’t be an issue. I randomly applied to the restaurant I work now and started training less than a week after I dropped off my application. 

I like the job, it’s fun and a welcome change of responsibility and scenery after being with children from infancy to five years old for the past five years. 97% of the time everything is going well, my co-workers (namely the servers, but also the bussers, bartenders and food runners) and I help each other out, I can and am left alone to seat guests often and the guests themselves are polite and don’t require anything from me other than a menu and to know where the bathroom is. 

Tonight I had one of those 3% exceptions. I will admit I was partly at fault. I was seating a walk in (meaning no reservation) two people, a couple and showed them to their table. They saw another table (this one right by the edge of our balcony and directly in front of their table) and asked to sit there instead. I said it would be fine and gave them their menus. I go back inside and my manager tells me he was saving that table for a reservation we had coming in soon for an anniversary. I go back out to the table I just sat and explain the situation, and before I can even finishing saying, “switch tables,” the “gentleman” cuts me off,

“We’re already sitting down. And we’re ready to order. They can just sit at that other table…” 

I didn’t hear the rest of what he had to say as I walked away, FUMING. He was such an entitled, arrogant dickbag that my manager saw how clearly upset I was and sat the next two parties when I came back and let me answer phones. A middle aged man, basically acting like a spoiled child, “Finders keepers!”.

Ooh my god it just pissed me off so bad. I’m aware I don’t have a particularly glamorous or prestigious job title and I am fine with that. But when I am obligated to be professional and polite to someone who clearly doesn’t believe I deserve to have that reciprocated is flat out insulting.

:le sigh: I’m better now.


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