I got to talk to my boyfriend for a continuous hour and a half yesterday!! Though by talk I mean Gchat messages since he was sneaking away to use the computer while he had watch. He’s off the “duct tape division” which he had been assigned to since before they deployed and back in radio which he claims will give him more time and access to the computer.

The first ten minutes of our conversation I tried not to get too excited since I never know how long we’ll have to talk, but it was the best feeling yesterday. I ended up getting called off from the restaurant which I just realized now worked out well since I would’ve had to have cut my conversation short with my boyfriend yesterday. I also realize how much of a thrill, a little micro surge of adrenaline I get from hearing my Google Hangouts notification go off with a message from him. 

It made my day ☺️. And I went to go watch Wonder Woman again in theatres. YES, it’s that good to go see twice. 

My friend Rachael had her birthday pool party on Saturday which a few hours into it turned into a topless pool party, πŸ‘™πŸŠπŸŠπŸˆπŸˆ!! I bought a pool float for the occasion and now face the dilemma of how to blow it up for any subsesquent use. 

It felt good to socialize and to remind myself that I do have a life aside from working and exercising. My Groupon with The Dailey Method expires on July 1st and I bought a new two month unlimited Groupon for this fancy pants yoga studio by my house. My boyfriend says he notices a difference from my newfound “fitness plan”, mainly in my stomach and butt ☺️☺️. I don’t believe him since I don’t notice much of a difference at all, but I hear that’s common with most people when they start to work out, you see yourself everyday so it’s harder to notice the changes. 

I’m happy today and it feels good.


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