I officially don’t like deployment. Not that I ever actually liked having my boyfriend thousands of miles, oceans, continents and time zones away, but now it’s official. Save for their brief stop in Hawaii, they’ve been out at sea this entire time so we’ve only been able to talk once a week in short five minute bursts that usually end with him dashing off to go back to work. 

They’ve pulled into port now so fingers crossed we get to video chat in the next few days because I miss his face. I miss a lot of things, but I’ll settle for getting to see him again. He has duty tomorrow/later today since he’s fifteen hours ahead of me right now and he’ll be getting up for work soon. 

Now I have to go inside to my Dailey Method class. I bought a Groupon for one month unlimited + bonus week and this is my second week attending class. I really like it so far! Challenging without being hard and I always leave feeling sore.

I hope all seven of you enjoy your Sundays or Mondays wherever you are!


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