I’m genuinely surprised that it’s been an entire week (well almost, I don’t consider the day over till I’m going to sleep) since my boyfriend’s deployment. Last Monday was rough. I didn’t go to see him off in the afternoon for Manning the Rails, but after checking his ship’s facebook page (such a great idea a friend of mine here in San Diego suggested to check on the ship’s overall status) and seeing all the families seeing their various sailors off, I regret not going. Ooh well. If I can make it through this deployment we have another one waiting for us next summer (grumbly noise).

The last few days have been hitting me hard. The mom of the first family that I ever nannied for has just come back from her deployment on the Makin Island today. That was the ship my boyfriend requested multiple times for orders since they wouldn’t deploy again for a while. It took eight/nine days for them to sail for Hawaii back to San Diego so I won’t get to talk (really hopefully video chat) with my boyfriend till tomorrow at the earliest before they set off forreals. I remember when the mom of my first nanny family left fordeployment in October, and as a removed third party I didn’t think much of it and was surprised she was already coming back home. 

I’m hoping the next 28 weeks passes as quickly as this past week did. Also, today is the last day for San Diego State to get back to me about admission for Fall semester and right now it’s looking like it’s not going to happen.

In case anyone was wanting a vague idea of what my boyfriend and I look like. This was Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.


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