I just noticed that next week would’ve been a month since my last blog post. I am awful. Really. At blogging. And various other things, but really blogging. Things have mostly been quiet, nothing too exciting to report. Well, one exciting thing: I started a new job!

That interview I mentioned in my last post was the fastest interview of my life. I was in and out of there in twelve minutes. I honestly think that the restaurant hires its hostess (and the majority of the staff) based on looks. I mean it is in Del Mar and the majority of female patrons I see coming to the restaurant look like rejects of The Real Housewives of Orange County, so a business centered there that only hires attractive people, and they hired me? Heeeey girl heeey! I’m loving it so far. I’m only working weekends right now till after my boyfriend and I get back from our trip and then I’ll add on extra days, but so far everyone I’ve met has been really friendly and welcoming and doesn’t treat me like the new girl.

I checked my San Diego State communications portal and reread this critical piece of information that I neglected to read in my initial disappointment in not getting accepted: They let people on the wait-list know their final decision during the first two weeks of May. So, there is a glimmer, a sliver of a ray of hope that I can still get in for Fall semester. Which was another reason I wanted to find a non-childcare related second job, to have a little more flexibility with my schedule should I have to pick out classes soon.

Please keep your fingers crossed and direct all the good luck you can spare towards me for the next three weeks!

Speaking of the trip my boyfriend and I are taking, I am only excited for half of it. The first half we are spending in rural Missouri with his parents. His parents have a nice enough house and a decent amount of property (at least from what he’s shown me on Google Maps) but it’s also old as hell. Their house was built in the 1800s and originally used as a funeral home. Their garage is technically a carriage house. Growing up my boyfriend drank well water that tasted like frogs. This city girl is NOT ready. Not remotely, which haha (read that in the tone Nelson laughs in from The Simpsons) is exactly how I will be from next Thursday to the Tuesday following that. 

If you guys don’t hear back from me after a month, you’ll know I didn’t make it back from Missouri. 

The half of the trip that I’m excited about is the part where I get to take him home to SAN FRANCISCO!! I have soo many things planned for us. The Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park and Bridge, The Haight, Coit Tower, Twin Peaks, and soo much food. For every day of food isolation I will have in Missouri I will be comforted with the certainty of amazing food waiting for me in San Francisco. And also like my family and friends and stuff. 

After the trip is over we have a handful of days, which upsettingly keeps getting shuffled around to sooner and sooner before my boyfriend deploys. He and I still haven’t gone too in depth with his deployment yet, what affect it will have on our relationship. I don’t think either of us is ready to discuss the looming elephant in the room: “us” not surviving the deployment. Add to that the almost more than possibility of The Dictator in Office pushing Murrica to the brink of World War III and we’re both…apprehensive to say the least.

Lastly, because I explicitly told him that I wouldn’t blog about this: He and I have this borderline compulsive game of blowing raspberries on each other’s stomachs. I am usually the victim and he the victor, but not tonight! Tonight I got him six times and he a paltry two. Does anyone else have these hilarious games they play with their significant other? 


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