I talked to the boyfriend. It was extremely beneficial to him and myself that I had a day to chill the fuck out before launching into this emotional upheaval that he would’ve been woefully unprepared for. I did get a tiny joy out of:

“I need to talk to you about something. It started bothering me yesterday after I texted you.”

“Ooh god. Is it bad? Is it heavy and emotional? It’s bad isn’t it?”

It’s adorable how scared and nervous he gets whenever I tell him that I need to talk to him about something. Yay, crisis averted. Next possible point of drama: he finds out this Thursday if his newest request for orders has been approved. Approved = good, he stays in San Diego. Not approved = no orders, has to submit another request in a few weeks. OR, worst case scenario, he does indeed receive orders that send him to the other end of the country, or world or deploy him for another year.

Tomorrow is March! Starting tomorrow I officially begin my obsessive email checking to see if my acceptance letter to San Diego State has arrived. Fingers crossed and all the good luck if you have any to spare would be deeply appreciated.


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