I am a girly girl. High femme. Womanly. Whatever you want to call it, I’m it. I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, love following hair stylists and colorists on Instagram, love going in to Sephroa and Ulta (but only when I actually have money to buy something), I love shopping and shoes and dresses and getting dressed up and handbags. I love getting my nails done, all of that. What I usually depise is the process, the never ending upkeep of being a girly girl. You know those memes where a girl says she’s either homeless looking or full face glam? I’m one of those girls. 

Tonight I have an appointment for an underarm and lip wax. Yes, a lip wax. I have a wee bit of a girl-stache, I said it. I have an appointment Saturday afternoon for my Brazilian wax and I am overdue for an eyebrow wax. Ooh and…about two and a half weeks ago I got my legs waxed. That’s a whooooole lotta time and money spent paying women to pour hot wax essentially all over me just to rip out my body hair. Now, I’m not complaining, exactly. I trouble myself with waxing because I know, firsthand, that it is infitely superior to shaving or Nair. I used to be really good at only waxing my legs for a while, but then things like moving out and having to pay rent and utilities and cell phone bills and things like that relegated me back to the razor. 

I’ve only ever waxed my lady area. I never liked the idea of a razor blade being soo close to such an intimate area. A cut on your legs hurts bad enough! My eyebrows I started getting waxed in high school and sadly due to about a decade of abuse and possibly age(?, I’ll be 30 later this year, aahh!) they’re thinner than I would like and my right eyebrow has a permanent bald patch at the arch. I’m only now beginning to experiment with filling them in. I suck at it. If I used the word fleek, I would also use whatever the opposite of fleek is to describe my skill at filling in my eyebrows. My lip I only wax occasionally because the hairs there aren’t that noticeable. My armpits I’ve exclusively shaved since…middle school? The hairs are all super thick and wiry and sometimes I see multiple hair sticking out of one follicle. Eww and my armpit skin is all dark and slightly discolored from the years of constant shaving. Also, my left armpit has significantly less hair than my right. Anyone else have that? I’m excited to see how getting my “underarms” waxed will feel like.

I’m hoping after I get my car next month and I’m all settled into my new budget with the car payments and all that, that I can go ahead with my plans to Groupon my way through laser hair removal. I’ll start with small areas like my lip and armpits to see if it’s effective before I go and drop the cash on bigger areas like my legs. I don’t know if I’d get a laser Brazilian, something about being permanently bald down there as a full grown adult woman seems vaguely…pedophile-y. 

I’ve been getting gel manicures (with nail art! Usually, not always) off and on for about three years now. I’m taking an extended break from the gel nail life right now though in a feeble attempt to get more money together for my car’s down payment. It’s nice seeing my natural nails again. I miss my nail lady though. 

Hair cuts I usually only get three times a year since my hair grows pretty slowly. I’ve spent the last two years growing out and old all over bleach job I had done two years ago. My hair is finally back to its natural color! I took prenatal vitamins for a month to try and get my hair to grow longer, faster but all that did was make me feel sorry for pregnant woman that actually have to take those things. They smell foul and you have to take multiple pills a day. I did another month of Sugar Bear hair which tasted soo much better and maybe also worked better…, but I stopped after a month since the bottle ran out around Christmastime and my budget got screwed over. 

There was no real point to this post. I just wanted something a little more lighthearted than my usual stuff. 


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