This month got off to a fairly shitty start. The two scholarships that I was working on my applications for…I never got to submit them. I had ALLLLL my paperwork ready; personal essays, letters of recommendation, official (with a seal and errythang) transcripts…except for my doctor’s medical history verification. Apparently my former pediatrician’s office tried calling me all the last week of January to tell me that it would take a little longer than expected because my files were down in storage. I say apparently they tried because it wasn’t until I called them that they told me that my voicemail wasn’t set up to leave messages…umm…dafuq??? I didn’t want to go ballistic on the poor receptionist and handled the news, mm let’s say graciously. I then reached out to my current general practioner doctor and was told by that receptionist that it normally takes a week to verify a patient’s medical history. 

The frustration, misplaced anger at the receptionists and absurdity that all medical records are not stored electronically like taxes are, and most consumingly disappointment hit me hard last week. The boyfriend and I had dinner last Thursday and I felt better after voicing my situation to him. Whining wasn’t going to magically get me my health records.

The next two weeks won’t be too fun. This entire week my boyfriend’s ship is at some other base in San Diego doing some sort of testing to get the ship ready for deployment. Because of how remote the base is there’s only one shuttle between that base and his usual base which is the main Navy base for all of San Diego, at 32nd street, he won’t be able to go home all week. I’m picking him up Thursday night for dinner and am hoping he can crash at my place, even though it means I’ll have to get up balls early the next morning to drop him off. This weekend they’ll be underway and all of next week will be docked at some other base a little North of San Diego. Then hopefully they’ll get to come home that following weekend. 

One of my best friend’s Amy and her service dog Mingus (but I call him Pig) came to visit me this weekend. We had our usual marathon of food adventuring, inside jokes and psychic friends moments. Amy and I think so much alike that it’s slightly unnerving. And not even alike, but literally the exact same thoughts at the exact same time. 

There’s another scholarship that had its open application period start yesterday, so I need to start that. The semester started last week also which added to my overall feeling of stress, anxiety, desperation and hopelessness. I do like that the boyfriend will be gone this weekend so I can get a head start on my readings and homework.

I might also have a cold. I’m fighting it off with all the lemon and ginger tea I can boil, but maaaaan did I ever take an uncongested nose for granted before.


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