I want this on record for myself when I start feeling down in a few weeks when my boyfriend starts his multiple long underways per month that I planned plenty of fun things with(out) him.

This weekend we’re doing brunch and a movie to see the last Resident Evil movie. I love Milla Jovovich and he has this sick homemade Umbrella Corp., Halloween costume…I may even try to talk him into wearing it. There’s also a burlesque show that one of my group mates from my burlesque group back home in the Bay Area is in! It’s on Saturday though and my boyfriend has duty Sunday, but maybe.

Next weekend my best friend Amy (and my puppy nephew) are coming to visit. I’m taking them to their first trip to the San Diego Zoo and she’s dragging me to a sports bar to take part in her annual ritual of a Super Bowl party.

On February 16th…yeah 16th, I’m going to the PostModern Jukebox concert! Woohoo! I haven’t been to a concert in years.

The first weekend of March my mom will be here! I will also be a proud new used car owner! Which also reminds me that I need to start making appointments with the different credit unions around here and see who can give me the best interest rate.

The second weekend of March, Amy is coming down here again to pick me up on our roadtrip to Vegas for our friend Remy’s 30th birthday. There’s the usual chaos right now associated with trying to organize a group trip and especially when only the same FOUR PEOPLE are replying to anything on the event page…(deep breath). Not my party, not my problem.

Ooh my god how could I put this third in things happening in March!? March is when I find out if I got into San Diego State or not! Duuhhh!!

I bought a Groupon for a month of unlimited yoga at a studio five minutes away from my house. I went last night and tonight, woo woo! I’m going to make the most of this Groupon. I’ve been feeling so slow and sloppy and unsatisfied with my body for the past…definitely the last three years, but probably more like the last five if not longer. I’m not “unhealthy” my cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of diabetes, heart disease, eye sight and hearing and all that sort of stuff is fine. But in the past three-four years I’ve gone up a shirt size, a pants and dress size and an entire bra cup size. Which was a hard fact to accept. I’ve been roughly the same size since senior year of high school (which was almost 12 years ago, aahh!) and it HURT for me to admit, even if it was just to myself that my body was changing. After my Groupon is up I’m heavily considering signing up for their monthly unlimited pass, $89/month for students. Which compared to most other yoga/pilates/barre/exercise studios anywhere in California is amazing! I’m going to start meal prepping again so I can’t use the “I’m too lazy to cook” excuse or “I have nothing to eat”. Ooh, that reminds me, I need to renew my membership at the Ocean Beach People’s Co-Op. Their bulk granola bins are soo good! My boyfriend has a modest home gym in his garage; treadmill, elliptical, free weights, bench press annd…one other thing that I don’t know the name of. I might start doing cardio on the weekends since I tend to wake up earlier than he does. I’m tired of feeling tired and run down all the time. Yes, ideally I’d love to lose weight, but I remember at my thinnest I had great muscle tone in my arms -especially my deltoids and in my quads from working constantly as a massage therapist and by constantly walking up and down all the hills in San Francisco after I moved into my first ever apartment, and I want that same muscle back.

It’s funny, I don’t blog more often because I think I won’t have anything to say and then I end up having things come spilling out through my fingertips.


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