This past Monday, the 23rd was the deadline for the supplemental application for SDSU. Eee! Everyone’s application all automatically gets sent in at the same time. I, being my normal paranoid self had to double check just now to make sure that it did annnd it did. Yay! I won’t find out if I’m accepted or not till March and luckily so far I have quite a few things to keep me occupied. In the college bound realm, I had last blogged about finding several scholarships for childhood cancer survivors. I found four exactly! Well, I found way more than four, but I found four that I can apply to this year and another two that have to wait till next year and with it my new 3.0 GPA. One scholarship I’m applying for is the SamFund and the other is Cancer for College. Which, funny segue the founder of Cancer for College is frat brothers with Will Ferrel (yes, THE Will Ferrel) and at a charity golf game that the dad for one of the families that I nanny for, participated in, got to meet Will Ferrel! Super random sidenote, but I thought it was cool.

The deadline for those two scholarships are January 31st and February 1st. I have several people working on letters of recommendation for me (ooh, which reminds me, I need to make a follow up phone call tomorrow morning. Remember self!) my former pediatrician has my medical history verification annnd what else…ahh yes, I need to send in a copy of my transcripts. I’m nervous, a little excited, I’ve never applied for a scholarship before. Last week I was working on the personal essay section for one of the ‘ships and man…it was intense. I was in tears for the better half of an hour recalling my experience as a kid and now as an adult looking back on how everything affected my family that as a child when it was happening, I was oblivious to. I’m getting choked up now just thinking of what I had written. My mom sacrificed so much for so many years that even if I only get one ‘ship, I can sort of show her that it’s my own modest way of “paying” her back. My degree at the end of all of this is just as much for her as it is for me. I’m going to be the first female in either my mom or father’s families with an American college degree. College is not an option in my families, it’s just that almost everyone’s gone to college in the Philippines.

While I’m on the subject of nerves, I had quite the case of them this past Saturday. I participated in my first peaceful protest at the Women’s March in San Diego. It was awe inspiring and heart warming to see such a show of solidarity across the world. I know people have their issues with the protest and I even agree with some things, but c’mon! Millions of women, and men and children of all ages all came together because we all share the same desire for women of ALL colors, sexual orientations, education and income backgrounds to be treated with the same respect, courtesy and humanity as men. I won’t get into it. My own thoughts on feminism and equality are too jumbled for me to even try to begin to articulate them.

I’ve recently discovered how good The Neighbourhood’s music is aside from the radio friendly Sweater Weather. My personal favorite is Flawless.


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