I just spent the last hour looking up and fine combing the eligibility requirements for over half a dozen scholarships. This does not include the hour and change I spent last night diving down the rabbit hole of niche scholarships that I am after. I’m trying to convince myself that if I start acting like I already got accepted into San Diego State (I know it’s easier to just use the acronym SDSU, but I hate acronyms and most abbreviations) that I will be able to manifest and will my admission for Fall 2017. The keyword in that ramble is ‘trying’. I don’t have the most stellar grades, they are moderately above average at best. I got hosed out of an A by just a few measly points from one of my professors this past semester so I’m .11 points away from meeting the minimum 3.0 GPA requirement that most scholarships ask of their applicants.

The specific scholarships I am applying for are for childhood cancer survivors. Funny how something I never and I mean NEVER tell anyone I know in real life, I just spill to a world of strangers. I was six years old when I was first diagnosed with leukemia. I did chemo for two years and have been in remission since I was eight years old. I was so little when it happened and my mom did a truly wonderous job of making sure I knew next to nothing about what was happening to me, that it was only slightly out of the ordinary that I had doctor’s appointments three times a week and lost all the hair off my head and went from being a scrawny six-year-old to being plumped and pumped up on steroids to stimulate my appetite. This diagnosis came only after three and a half years of us leaving the Philippines to come to California. Only in recent years did my mom reveal to me the depth of her heartache and struggle. I won’t go on about that, I have to save it for my scholarship application essays!

The point of this post is that three of the scholarships I want to apply for, have deadlines on the last day of January and the first day of February. Eee! Soon! I have to miraculously¬† squeeze in an appointment with my doctor here to get her to sign off on medical history forms and possibly get some records from when I was a kid regarding my diagnosis. Considering that I didn’t know about any of these scholarships until 24 hours ago, I won’t be devastated if I don’t make the cutoff dates, but I’ll be high key bummed. Full key bummed? What’s the opposite of low-key? I’m slightly stressed out about getting everything together in time.

On a much happier, but not necessarily lighter note, I had my new favorite curry ramen for dinner tonight, mmm! If you’re ever in San Diego check out RakiRaki Ramen. The original Convoy location is crazy busy, but heeey their Little Italy location – which is the one I went to tonight, and is MUCH closer to my house, is equally as delicious and significantly less crowded.


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