I spend almost every weekend (Friday night to Sunday evening) at my boyfriend’s place. It’s the only time we have for each other. He’s usually off work earlier than I am, but I often have evening class three days a week as well as the reading and homework that goes with each class. Occasionally he’ll do a night at my place or we miss a weekend because he’s underway or I flew home for a few days. It’s easier for me to go to his place since he has his own townhouse as opposed to me and my four roommates. Why explain this? Because I usually ghost out on real life during the weekend. I handle all (or like 80%) of my responsibilities during the week so for the few hours we get to spend together, my biggest concern is: What’re we going go eat?”

I said I was going to go more in depth on how I feel about what his orders will be after his deployment, but I think I’ll hold off on that for now. Requisitions (again, I am the WORST at remembering what proper military terms are) came down yesterday, what openings on what ships will be available for him to request for sea duty. I thought he had to wait a few months to send in his next round of requests, but apparently not. So, again my fingers are crossed that he can find a set of orders he likes and get to stay in San Diego a little longer.

The uncertainty, for now at least, of what’s going to happen to him, where the Navy is going to send him after his deployment is a major anxiety of mine, and I’m assuming his as well. We don’t talk about what will happen after his deployment. It’s too far ahead into the future and makes me more emotional than I like to display. We’ve joked a few times about what happens if he gets stationed in Japan or Italy or Guam, about how we’ll both need a to start racking up frequent flier miles and he’ll be miserable without easy access to Taco Bell, but really and truly…I don’t know if I could do a long term long distance relationship. Deployment is one thing, that has a bearable, definitive end point. His next set of orders is for three years. Two of which I will (hopefully) be at San Diego State and unable (and maybe if I’m being utterly candid, unwilling) to join him.

Well, looks like I ended up talking about how I feel about his next set of orders. Slightly unrelated, if anyone does read this, are you participating in any of the many women’s marches going on this Saturday? I’ve decided that a little rain or risk of arrest will stop me from peacefully protesting. 


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