I went to Mesa yesterday to work and what I overly estimated the ability to submit my supplement application for SDSU. I had three separate transfer center…advisors(?) help me and naturally after wasting forty minutes it wasn’t until the third advisor that came along to help, actually helped me. I was stuck trying  recalculate my cumulative GPA from my three semesters at Mesa and all my years at City College of San Francisco getting my Associate’s degree…beeeefore the magical third advisor came along and showed me how to log back on to CSUMentor to find my previously calculated GPA on my original application and just add Fall’s grades to it!

I was more than slightly irritated. I’m going back again tomorrow to (fingers crossed) finish and submit it. 

The boyfriend submitted his three sea duty…preferrences (I am awful at military lingo) and got his answer back…he got none of his choices. Which is not bad, he doesn’t need new orders till the end of the year. He just has to resubmit I assume either the same preferrences or new ones, I believe in March. So, I suppose yay on that for now. 

Tomorrow I might go more in depth on how I feel about whether my boyfriend gets his choice of orders or not.


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