I got the email to fill out my supplemental application for San Diego State, Friday night! Woo woo! Now, I have to make a trip up to Mesa, Tuesday morning, before work to see if hopefully the transfer office is open and they can help me fill it out. I got stuck just looking at the calculator to figure out my cumulative GPA! I most certainly, 1000% don’t want to fuck this up. It’s just the supplemental application, mostly just need to fill in my grades from Fall semester, it in no way means I got accepted…yet. But this is exciting for me! I took my sweet time working towards my Bachelor’s degree and I’m terrified of filling one box in incorrectly or skipping a step that would ruin what I moved 500 miles away from everyone and everything that I know for.

The boyfriend is underway this weekend so it’s  a quiet one for me. Got my nails did this afternoon and tomorrow is the annual No Pants Subway (or in San Diego’s case) Trolley Ride! It started off as an improv group’s victimless prank in New York and has spread into a global phenomena! If you live in any major city or maybe even minor city that has a public railway system, check it out! Cruise around Sunday in your underroos with some friendly strangers and possibly make the news ;-). If you’re in the San Diego area, we’re meeting at the Old Town station at 11am, see you there!


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